Summer Opportunities

Learning Programs

BP’s Early Years Experiences: Deadline March 1
Two programs for Freshmen and Sophomores. Discovery Days is a week in Houston learning all about BP and developing leadership skills. It targets science, engineering, and business majors. IST Sophomore Experience is a week long program about commodities trading in the energy business. There are no specific majors required for that. Learn more here BP Early Years Link

Summer Research Options

Research Experience for Solid Earth Science for Students: Deadline Feb 1

A summer research program targeting minority students in Geology and Earth Science.  Students work with a faculty mentor on a real research project.  They can apply as early as Sophomore year, and can return for a a second year.  The program is interested in recruiting GeoFORCE grads, so apply.  RESESS Link

Summer Research Opportunities Program Deadline Feb 10

This is a summer research program for undergraduates with the goal of helping students learn more about graduate school and gain experience in research. Students from all universities are welcome to apply. The program is a joint effort from several midwestern universities, and the research opportunities are on campuses from Minnesota to Pennsylvania. Follow the link here and then click on Campus Profiles on the right. Each university lists their programs there. Note SROP is in nearly every academic field, not just the sciences. SROP Link

NSF’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates: Various deadlines, starting in February

This is a National Science Foundation funded program that supports research in all fields of science, including the social sciences across campuses nationwide.  To apply, simply look at the topics that interest you, and follow the program links to the individual application.  REU’s happen at college campuses all over the country, and they seek students from everywhere — you can apply to any and all that interest you.  REU Link

Summer Internships

Geological Society of America, GeoCorps: Deadline Feb 4, noon Mountain Time (that’s 11 CST)

This program places college students in national parks and national forests across the country for the summer. In most cases you need at least one year of college under your belt. Sometimes you need specific majors or class work, but this is not strictly a geology program – many majors are welcome. You must be a member of GSA to apply, but GSA student membership is inexpensive. Check out the link and apply to a few. Remember to mention GeoFORCE in your application. Good luck! GeoCorp Link

Mosaics in Science Program Deadline Feb 4, noon Mountain Time (that’s 11 CST)

This is another program administered by the GSA. It specifically targets minority students who are in STEM fields. Twenty six positions are open in some of the most beautiful places in the country including the Tetons, Denali, and Biscayne Bay, just to name 3. They include all fields to science and technology, not just earth science. Check them out. You must be nominated to apply. Contact Dr. Snow if you are interested. Mosaics Link

Student Conservation Association Opportunities

These run the gamut from trail building to lab science to teaching. If you are interested in environmental programs, check them out.
SCA Programs

Department of Interior Internship Opportunities

This includes the UG Geological Survey, the Forest Service, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation and Enforcement, and the Parks Service.  GeoFORCE has a lot of strong supporters in the Interior Department. If you apply for any of these, please let us know so we can alert them: DOI Internship Link and the application site USAJobs for Students

Oak Ridge summer internships:

These are available at all levels and for all science majors.  Listings can be found at:  ORISE Link

American Geosciences Institute: Geoscience Policy Internships

If you are a geology major, interested in policy or politics, then AGI would love to have you aboard:  AGI Link

Texas Internships

This is a job search site that lists internships and jobs in Texas, by city, company, and job type. Any major, any school. Check it out: Texas Internships

US Internships

This is a job search site that lists internships and jobs in all over the US, by city, company, and job type. Any major, any school. Check it out: US Internships

Diversity Opportunities

Many programs specifically target students from diverse backgrounds. GSA has compiled a list focused on STEM students. Scroll to the bottom and follow some of these links too.GSA Diversity Links

GeoFORCE Counselor

The Summer 2017  GeoFORCE Staff Application is OPEN  – Application period is Dec 15 – Jan 15.

GeoFORCE has 72 counselor positions open this summer.  To apply you must complete at least a year of college by summer 2017, be in good academic standing.  Applications are encouraged from GeoFORCE graduates and Jackson School students. All majors welcome.

The application is all online (link below). We are asking for a statement on why you think you would be a great counselor. Half-a-page is plenty.

If hired, there is a mandatory counselor all day boot camp in mid- May 2017 in Austin, (exact date will be announced).

2017 Summer Counselor Application Portal

GeoFORCE Trail Driver

The Summer 2017  GeoFORCE Staff Application is OPEN  – Application period is Dec 15 – Jan 15.

GeoFORCE has 4-5 trail driver positions open this summer.  To apply you must have graduated from college (any major), and have a clean driving record. The job of trail driver involves following the bus in a van and being the person available to separate from the group to pick up supplies, transport individuals, and handle medical emergencies. The trail driver also participates in the field stops, takes photos, and helps put together the closing ceremony shows.

Trail drivers might work 1-4 week long field trips. Because of the way they are scheduled, the maximum would be two in June and two in July (ending Aug 4).

  1. We are asking for a statement on why you want to be a trail driver. Half-a-page is plenty
  2. The deadline is January 15

2017 Summer Trail Driver Application Portal

  • “Not only has GeoFORCE shown me wondrous things, it has given me a different vantage point with which to view the world.”