GeoFORCE Staff


Samuel Moore, Director of Outreach and Diversity
Oversees the GeoFORCE program. | (512) 471-1396
Sam is from Rockford, Illinois and earned his PhD in Communication from The University of Texas at Austin. He has held appointments in higher education at the department, college, and central administration level.  For more than 20 years he has provided leadership in engaging faculty with K-12, undergraduate, and graduate.  He has worked with STEM industries and government agencies to develop successful STEM diversity initiatives at the K-12, undergraduate, graduate, and faculty level.  Sam serves as the chief administrator of GeoFORCE and is responsible for raising financial support, strategic planning, implementation and accountability for the program. He also oversees Jackson School outreach programs to increase participation in the Geosciences and promote a diverse future student body.

Lindsay Stephens

Lindsay Stephens, Program Coordinator
Manages the college program; Primary contact for the Houston region. | (512) 471-7807
Lindsay is from Flagstaff, AZ and has a BS in Psychology from Northern Arizona University. Before joining GeoFORCE she worked with Grand Canyon Youth, as a guide and teacher of environmental studies. She has also taught English for elementary through high school students in Ecuador, and has volunteered to help elementary school students with accelerated math.


Matt Hofer, Coordinator
Manages the high school program; Primary contact for the SW region and Caribbean. | (512) 232-8089
Matt is from Austin, TX where he attended Austin High School and then the University of Texas at Austin, earning his Bachelors degree in Social Work in 2006. Before joining GeoFORCE, he worked for a group foster home here in the Austin area for three years. Matt has been a part of several non-profit organizations benefiting young people and has coached at a free boxing gym for at-risk youth.

John Hash, Coordinator
Primary contact for general questions; GEAR-UP partner; Assists the college program & works with transitioning high school seniors to college. | (512) 475-9428
John is from San Antonio, TX. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Government and History. Before joining GeoFORCE, John worked with Advise TX as a College Adviser at Roosevelt HS in San Antonio, where he assisted students in SAT/ACT Prep, College Applications and Financial Aid.

Lisa Aguiñaga, Coordinator
Primary contact for general questions. Se habla Español. | (512) 471-4360
Lisa is from Flagstaff, Arizona. She has a BS in Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism. Before joining the GeoFORCE family, she was in the restaurant business and also contributed to several publications as a business feature columnist. Lisa has been involved with outreach, mentorship, cultural preservation & education specifically aimed at Latino Youth through various non-profit organizations in Northern Arizona.

Bridget Haby, Coordinator
Primary contact for Dallas and Austin and general questions. | (512) 471-0316
Bridget is from Austin, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin from the Jackson School of Geosciences with a BS in Geology. Before joining GeoFORCE, Bridget worked for Advise TX as a College Adviser at East Central HS in San Antonio, where she assisted students throughout the college application process. She also coached a middle school lacrosse team in Austin for three years.

Christopher Graham, Coordinator
Primary contact for general questions. | (512) 475-6564
Christopher is from Sabinal Texas, where he joined GeoFORCE as a student in 2006. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014 with a degree in Youth and Community Studies. He is the first GeoFORCE graduate to join the GeoFORCE staff in a full-time position.

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    “The most significant thing that GeoFORCE has taught me goes far beyond any scientific knowledge that I’ve acquired.  Through GeoFORCE I have learned that there are far more possibilities in life than I could ever have imagined.”