GeoFORCE Advisory Committee

The GeoFORCE Advisory Committee meets twice yearly with GeoFORCE staff to go over reports, discuss program direction, and make recommendations.  As representatives of companies that support GeoFORCE, their role is advisory, not oversight.

The next GeoFORCE Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for November 6, 2017 in Houston.

Current Advisory Committee Members

Anadarko Robert Talley, Chelete Burnett
Baker Hughes Scott Schmidt
BHPBilliton Chris Lerch, Christine Skirius
BP Kira Diaz Tushman, Larry Thomas
Chevron Joni Baird, Karen Rawls
ConocoPhillips Melissa Loyd-Furnas
DrillingInfo Mark Nibbelink, Allen Gilmer
ExxonMobil Julie Cogswell-Maher, Nick Way, Reginald Beasley (ret), Mike Loudin (ret)
Halliburton Abayomi Olufowoshe
HISD Karla Auzenne, Hortense Campbell, Yolanda Evans (ret)
Marathon Oil Donna Boyer, Dan Oakes
Newfield Christina Venditti
Schlumberger Joel le Calvez, Paula McHann Harris, Susan Rosenbaum
Shell Oil Mike Alvarez, Mark Martin, Denise Butler (ret)
Texas Workforce Commission Emily Clodfelter
Valence Energy Bud Scherr
  • GeoFORCE 11th Graders visit Big Obsidian Flow in Oregon Summer 2014

    “The most significant thing that GeoFORCE has taught me goes far beyond any scientific knowledge that I’ve acquired.  Through GeoFORCE I have learned that there are far more possibilities in life than I could ever have imagined.”