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10th Grade GeoFORCE Students at Balancing Rock, Summer 2007

10th Grade GeoFORCE Students at Balanced Rock, Summer 2007

GeoFORCE is a selective outreach program of the Jackson School of Geosciences, designed to encourage students from minority-serving high schools in rural South Texas and inner-city Houston to take on the challenges of a rigorous math and science curriculum, to pursue higher education in these fields, and to enter the high-tech workforce.

Each summer GeoFORCE takes about 600 high school students on spectacular geologic field trips in Texas and throughout the United States. Taught by university faculty and research scientists, and mentored by professional geologists from our industry partners, the trips engage and empower the students by exposing them to something completely different from their home and school environment.

In operation since 2005, GeoFORCE has a growing college program.  With a high school graduation rate of 100% and a college matriculation rate of over 95%, GeoFORCE has 418 college students currently enrolled in over 75 colleges and universities throughout Texas and the US.  Nearly two-thirds of our college students are majoring in STEM fields (see our outcomes data here).

GeoFORCE seeks to inform and engage students into the exciting world of geosciences. Want to learn more about what a geologist does? Click on the picture below to visit BeAGeo.com, and watch the video.

  • “The most significant thing that GeoFORCE has taught me goes far beyond any scientific knowledge that I’ve acquired.  Through GeoFORCE I have learned that there are far more possibilities in life than I could ever have imagined.”