Climate System Physics (GEO 387P/347P)

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Course Materials

Prerequisites: Two semesters of calculus and one of calculus-based physics 3 credits.

Text Book:

Atmospheric Science-an introductory survey” by Wallace and Hobbs, the 2nd edition, published by Elsevier Inc.

(Amazon link, UT Library link)

References (not required):

Thermodynamics of atmosphere and Oceans, Curry and Webster; Cloud Dynamics, Houze; Microphysics of clouds and precipitation by Pruppacher and Klett; The atmosphere Boundary Layer, Garratt

Syllabus: Syllabus.pdf


  • One in-class exam: 20% of total the course grade.
  • Assignments/Lab:  40%
  • Research project: presentation (AGU style) and report (GRL style): 30%
  • Class participation: 10%

 Class Materials

Week Tuesday Thursday Supporting Materials Assignments
1 Introduction Overview-Ocean-Ice Cravatte et al. 2009Shepherd&Wingham2007Saenger et al. 2009
2 Overview-Ocean-Ice Role of Biosphere Sangan&Mullen1972Waston&Lovelock 1983
3  Role of biosphere CESM-Tutorium-1 Homework-1
4 CESM-Tutorium-2 CESM-Tutorium-3
5 Thermodynamic-dry air Thermodynamics-moist-1 air  Homework-2
6 Quiz-1 discuss Quiz-1
7 thermodynamics-dry air2  homework-3
8 Moist air Thermodynamics
9 Cloud Formation and Process Discussion Lab
10 Cloud Microphysics Discussion Lab
12 Convective Systems Discussion Lab
13 Boundary Layer
 15 AGU style presentation AGU style presentation