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Summit on Improving Geoscience Graduate Student Preparedness for the Future Workforce

May 11-13, 2019 –¬†Austin, Texas


Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

A NSF sponsored Summit on Improving Geoscience Graduate Student Preparedness for the Future Workforce will be held on May 11-13, 2019 in Austin, Texas. This summit will bring together geoscience academic leaders (Deans, Heads, Chairs, and Graduate Program Directors) to discuss the skills and competencies Ph.D. and M.S students need to be successful in the future workforce, regardless of the career path they choose. Only about half of Ph.D. students and few M.S. students in the geosciences end up in academia, yet universal skills needed for other careers are generally not emphasized or developed in graduate school.

The goal of the Summit is to explore how graduate programs can effectively develop these skills and competencies in graduate students in Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. This summit is specifically designed for administrative leaders who have the ability to make and lead change.

Summit Agenda

Geoscience Employers Workshop

In October 2018, we held a Geoscience Employers Workshop, with participants representing a broad spectrum of employers of Ph.D. and M.S. students in Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, including industry, business, government agencies, non-profits and academic research universities. This workshop identified the skills and competencies universally needed by graduate-level geoscientists regardless of their field or future career. Employers also discussed effective methods for developing these skills and competencies, and their role in these educational activities. The Summit will discuss these results and other national graduate student STEM reports on workforce preparedness. An overview of the workshop results was presented at the 2018 AGU Heads & Chairs Workshop.

Summit Registration

Registration Deadline – April 12th

We have some support to help defray the costs associated with transportation and lodging. Please indicate on the registration form if you will need partial, full or no financial support. For logistical questions, please contact Tony Wright (

Future of Undergraduate Geoscience Education

Earth Educators Rendezvous 2019
July 15-17; Nashville, TN

The NSF sponsored Future of Undergraduate Geoscience Education initiative developed a community consensus on the skills, competencies and concepts needed by students to be successful in graduate school and future careers. Additionally we worked with department heads and chairs on best ways to implement needed changes in undergraduate programs. Change is difficult even when there is overall agreement on the desired outcomes. This workshop will focus on best practices department heads and chairs and undergraduate program directors have used to get faculty to incorporate the community consensus into their undergraduate programs. Topics will include evaluation and redesign of curriculum, changing pedagogy and incorporating experiential learning, and assessment of results. Information and registration.

Future of Undergraduate Geoscience Education Initiative