Degree pursued, advisor, and areas of interest: M.A., Energy and Earth Resources
Other degrees: B.S. Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin
Title of thesis: A Survey of Residential Adopters of Solar Photovoltaic Systems in the United States
What sparked your interest in geology, energy, and the environment? I worked for an oilfield service company for six years and decided that I wanted to learn about my industry from a different point of view.
Why did you choose UT for your studies? The EER program allows me to take classes in a number of departments and gain a ‘big picture’ understanding of the energy industry.
What one research tool could you not live without? EBSCOhost
What are your career goals? I intend to continue contributing to the energy industry as an engineer, but with a much deeper understanding of economics, policy, and finance.
Where are you from? It’s a long story.  I spent my first ten years moving around the Western U.S., the next seven in Guadalajara, and I have spent my adult years in Florence, New York City, Austin, Campeche, Dubai,
and Washington D.C..
What do you like to do in your spare time? Yoga, cooking, swimming, and backpacking.
What is your favorite rock? Rocks that contain hydrocarbons