Degree pursued, advisor, and areas of interest: M.A., Energy and Earth Resources, Dr. Lesli Wood and Dr. Chip Groat, Petroleum Geology, Geomorphology
Other degrees: B.S.C. Geology and Business Administration, Washington and Lee University
Title of thesis: (if known or general area of interest)  Low Net to Gross Reservoir Potential
What sparked your interest in geology, energy, and the environment? hiking around the White Mountains in New Hampshire and being around the beach when I was growing up
Why did you choose UT for your studies? The connection between UT JSG and the petroleum industry is unmatched and the amount of exposure to a variety of great research going on at BEG, plus the great live music in Austin.
What one research tool could you not live without? Google Scholar
What are your career goals? Working in the petroleum industry
Where are you from? Tampa, FL
What do you like to do in your spare time? Going to concerts, taking my dog to Red Bud on Lady Bird Lake
What is your favorite rock? Favorite mineral is phlogopite
What fun activity would you recommend to an incoming UT student? Go to Stubb’s for an outdoor show