Below are a few comments from students at the Jackson School. You can read more complete descriptions in our student views section. Students who would like to submit comments can e-mail them to the Communications Office

“It’s like being at a smaller school at a larger college …. It’s a group of friends that you see on a regular basis and also have an academic subject in common. The professors and faculty are very involved with the students and are at the top of their fields. You go into classes and see people who have written famous text books. Undergrads are coming in at a really great time now that the JSG has been established. There is an explosion of new things because of the Jackson School, such as the expansion of undergraduate scholarships, revamping of the facilities, classes, new professors, and new students.” —Josh Garber, undergraduate, geology

“The amount of time spent in the field is amazing as a geophysicist; it’s not the desk work of engineering or the lab experience necessary for a physicist, but rather it’s a balance of all three. Even more importantly, I have spent time out with others studying, conversing, but moreover I have made connections both as friends and fellow geologists that will last throughout college and hopefully well into my career.” —James Carmichael, undergraduate, geophysics

“I came to UT as a biology major, but after taking an intro course in geology, I decided it was what I wanted to pursue.” —Brian Cornette, undergraduate, geology

“I love the Jackson School because you get to know all of your peers, TAs, and professors on a personal level. You can walk down the hall and see at least five people that you know, all in a matter of 30 seconds.” —Elizabeth (Liz) Dunn, undergraduate, marine geology

“The professors and researchers genuinely care about and love what they do … and about the development of their students. That type of passion attracts students.” —Kim Nguyen, undergraduate, hydrogeology/environmental geology


“The Jackson School is #1 in sedimentology! Plus the size, the staff, and the opportunities are one in a million. There is no way to pass it up.” —Blair Stanley, undergraduate, general geology

Student Views 

Timothy Gibbons, M.S., geology.
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