Areas of Study: General Geology, Sedimentary Geology, Sediment Transport

Research Projects: I am currently involved in two research projects in the Mohrig Research Group. I have been studying experimental models of hybrid event beds created in flumes to analyze remobilization of sediment and further understand these deposits. In fall 2014, I will also begin a project studying the erosion patterns of mudstones along the beaches of the Texas coast.

Why Did You Choose the Jackson School? I transferred internally into the Jackson School from the College of Natural Sciences. As a freshman, I loved science but did not find much inspiration in my core classes. I registered for the last spot in an introductory course in the Jackson School. It was far and away my favorite course of the year, even at eight in the morning. The professors I met that semester, and since, have encouraged me not only to reach my potential, but to extend past it and create even greater goals for myself. Their passion for geoscience never ceases to inspire me.

What Do You Enjoy Most About the School? I enjoy the community that the Jackson School promotes. There are incredible opportunities within the Jackson School and everyone is encouraged to pursue those opportunities. The students and faculty here have built a supportive environment that allows all students to succeed at the highest level.

What Activities Would You Recommend to an Incoming UT Student? Within the Jackson School I would highly recommend going to any brown bag talks that you can. There is amazing research going on right here at UT Austin! Learning about it early on will only allow you to explore the different branches of geoscience to a greater extent during your time here. In Austin, you can never go wrong with a day hiking around the Greenbelt or paddleboarding at Lady Bird Lake.