This workshop will consist of eight sessions. Note that each of the CAHMDA sessions (1 – 5) will include several presentations by keynote speakers, followed by the poster presentations within that session; while the DAFOH sessions (6 – 8) will include one keynote presentation, followed by presentations of  both poster and contributed talks.

A short description of the session topic is listed below. For more information, please click the links of the respective topic.

Sessions Topic Chair
1 Extreme events: detection 

(Mon 09/08/2014: Morning)

Bob Su
2 Extreme events: modeling 

(Mon 09/08/2014: Afternoon)

John Nielsen-Gammon
3 Extreme events: predictability 

(Tue 09/09/2014: Morning)

Paul Dirmeyer
4 Utilization of multi-source observations 

(Tue 09/09/2014: Afternoon)

Xin Li
5 Data assimilation development and evaluation 

(Wed 09/10/2014: Morning)

Omar Ghattas

(Wed 09/10/2014: Afternoon)


(Wed 09/10/2014: Evening)

6 Developing synergism with operational hydrology 

(Thu 09/11/2014: Morning)

Yuqiong Liu
7 Advancing data assimilation science for operational hydrology 

(Thu 09/11/2014: Afternoon)

Hamid Moradkhani
8 Real-world applications of data assimilation in operational hydrology 

(Fri 09/12/2014: Morning)

Albrecht Weerts
Discussion and Closing 

(Fri 09/12/2014: Afternoon)