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*application tip from JSG Alum working in federal position*
To apply with any federal agency or federal government position all candidates apply through the USAJOBS website. This website allows users to view federal positions for a given geographic area and for a particular job title or “Series”.  For most students graduating from JSG, you would qualify as either “Physical Scientists”, “Geologists” and/or “Hydrologists.” For student intern and/or recent graduates, students may wish to refer to Pathways Program website.  One of the key differences between a federal resume and a typical corporate resumes is size and volume.  In a Federal resume, keywords and relevant experience(s) with specific dates are very important to include and consequently there is not the standard 1-2 page limitation in resume length as with corporate resumes. For example, if an applicant has specific experience with a particular software or application package that is relevant to the position being applied for, then the applicant should include those specific details and/or projects where those applications were used in their resume.  The bottom line: the length of the resume is not scrutinized, include details in the application. Power words are also very important as well…. (led, spearheaded, oversaw)

Federal Application Resources:
Pathways – Recent Graduates Program
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