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Exploring Geoscience Careers

By Dr. Richard Kyle, Professor
The Third Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Yager Professorship
Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of  Geosciences

  • Bachelor’s degree sufficient for many entry-level industry positions.

    Dr. Richard Kyle, Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School.
    Dr. Richard Kyle, 
  • Graduate degrees preferred for advancement in industry and government.
  • Ph. D. required for most college/university teaching and advanced research positions.
  • A love of the outdoors, interest in natural processes, and enjoyment of travel serves well in many geoscience careers.
  • Physical stamina is desirable to complete research and work assignments in remote areas under various conditions.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential in most positions.
  • Valuable skills include experience with computer hardware and software related to industry or research applications.
  • Student associations and professional organizations related to interest area(s) can provide valuable career-long contacts.
  • Foreign language proficiency increases one’s ability to accept work assignments in other countries.
  • Proficiency in two subject areas can increase employability, for example, geology and physics for geophysics, geology and chemistry for geochemistry, geology and foreign language for overseas assignments, etc.
  • Experience obtained by volunteer, part-time, summer, internship, and/or co-op work may be valuable in securing entry-level employment. Contact local geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, hydrologists, oceanographers, urban planners, surveyors, and civil engineers for possibilities.