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For Undergraduate Students

As an undergraduate student in the Jackson School, your upcoming career may seem far away. Follow our Career Plan for Undergraduates by exploring career options, gaining some experience in research or industry, and finally emerging into the world of geosciences.


Explore your career opportunities by utilizing resources such as your career services office, professors, the internet, and people you know. Begin with our articles on “What can I do with a degree in …?” and see Dr. Richard Kyle’s advice here. This exploration phase will also help you learn whether graduate school is for you.

Exploring Geoscience Careers by Dr. Richard Kyle

What Can I do with a Major in Geophysics?

Industry Sectors and Academic Career Paths


Students can build their career foundation by gaining valuable work and research experience as an undergraduate. Students can pursue REU’s (Research Experience for Undergraduates), URA’s (Undergraduate Research Assistants), and summer internships.


Research & Internship Opportunities


As you get closer to graduating, consider all options available to you. Applications to graduate school or jobs takes time and have specific deadlines, so plan to begin during the latter part of your junior year or first part of your senior year.

Professional Organizations & Affiliations

Graduate School Resources

HireUTexas for students and alumni seeking career-path jobs

Career Connections for students and alumni of the Jackson School of Geosciences

Alumni Mentoring – Join the JSG Student/Alumni Mentor group on Facebook.

Alumni Spotlights – Read about the success of a few JSG graduates