Key Contacts: Maurine Riess,    Career Center Coordinator 512-232-7673

Key Contacts: Maurine Riess, Career Center Coordinator 512-232-7673

Required Documents for Job Applications

Most job applications require two things: a resume and a cover letter. A job application may also be required on the company’s website. If applying online, you may be asked to simply cut and paste your resume and cover letter information into the online application fields. However, some employers ask the applicant to send a resume to them directly. Employers who are register on our management system, GeoSource, may view student resumes on-campus interviews.

Writing or Improving Your Resume

A resume is a document that tells the reader all about the job-seeker who will enter the professional/business world either as an intern or a full-time employee. It is should summarize your qualifications for jobs that will lead you toward the career you seek. However, its primary purpose is to pique the reader’s interest so that they will interview you for the job. It is not a summary of all awards and accomplishments during or since high school. It is an easy-to-read one- or two-page document of information that is relevant to a job posting. Visit the PowerPoint Presentations to help you begin or improve your resume.

Student resumes must be approved before it may be used for job applications through the JSG Career Center. Each semester, resume reviews are available for all students on an appointment basis. This page has information on how to write your resume and how to upload into our database, GeoSource. Employers are looking for JSG students during all semester at UT and many come to campus for interviews. Our career fair is held in the fall semester, while the spring semester brings companies at different times to fill their summer positions. Regardless of when companies come to visits, all JSG students must register on GeoSource, keep their profile updated with an approved resume uploaded. Instructions for login to make your profile for the first time are on this student login page to GeoSource.

Follow these steps:

  • Register and create your profile on GeoSource.
  • Prepare your resume and upload into your account. Your resume will be “pending” until final approval by the career center.
  • For help with writing or improving your resume, follow the guidelines in the PowerPoint presentation links.
  • You must submit your resume through GeoSource to be eligible for on-campus recruiting.

How to Write a Cover Letter

A cover letter is appropriate when you are applying for a specific position outside of the JSG on-campus recruiting efforts. Recruiters who come to campus for interviews typically do not require a written cover letter. However, when applying online for some positions or sending out resumes for “cold calls”, a cover letter is required. A good cover letter is essential to getting your resume noticed in a sea of others. The PowerPoint Presentation below can help you write an effective cover letter for any job application.

Writing the Curriculum Vitae (CV)

In the U.S., a resume is a 1-2 page document designed for job applications. The CV is for the professional fields (students seeking a PhD) and is a document of unlimited size and proportion. While a resume is focused on the job a person wants, the CV seeks to encompass every professional accomplishment since becoming a graduate. Please contact the career center for
more information or help with writing a CV.