Where do I begin?

· List people you know in your chosen industry; this is your network.
· Research the industry and the companies that hire people with your skills and education.
· Find salary ranges and benefits to expect for the job you seek.
· Consider your short- and long-term career goals.
· Create a resume using the guidelines and tips from the JSG Career Center.
· Write a basic cover letter that you can use as a customizable template for all job applications.
· Use various resources for job fairs, on-campus visits, online job boards.
· Seek out three people for a professional reference and list their contact information.
· Get a copy of your student transcript from the Registrar.

Book of Lists

A Book of Lists is a yearly compilation of local business rankings produced by regional business journals like the Austin Business Journal. Each Book of Lists includes information that makes excellent job prospecting leads as well as sales leads and marketing lists. They are also good for local research and competitive analysis. These are published, ranked lists of businesses across multiple industries in individual cities throughout each year in both print and digital form. The digital format is typically an Excel download, a PDF, or an eBook.

The JSG Career Center provides our students with a proprietary link to over 50 Book of Lists from every major market in the United States. They are an excellent way to begin your search if you are targeting a particular city and industry.


GeoSource is our online jobs and student resume database. Students register on GeoSource, build a profile, search for jobs, and sign up for interviews. Employers register on GeoSource also so that they can post jobs, schedule interviews, and search the database of student resumes.

  1. When an employer wants students to apply directly for a position, a flyer of the job posting will be posted in the Resource Library of our proprietary system, GeoSource.
  2. When an employer is coming on campus to interview students in the Holland Family Student Center interview rooms, the job will be posted on GeoSource with a specific job ID number. Students apply for these jobs on the system by submitting their uploaded resume to the job.


This university-wide job boards is for professional/career-oriented job and internship opportunities with employers seeking to hire UT students and alumni. AccessUT is UT EID password-protected and available exclusively to UT Austin students and alumni.

The Student Expo is a unique event for linking geosciences students with industry recruiters! Students benefit by networking, sharing their resume, presenting their research, and interviewing with multiple employers. Companies enjoy cost-efficient and timely recruiting from a diverse and talented student population.
Activities at the two-day Student Expo include:
  • Open poster sessions on geology and geophysics, followed by poster awards
  • Multiple field-trip and short-course options
  • Company sponsored Ice Breaker
  • Full day of poster presentations and interviews

Outside Job Boards by Industry