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Industry Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews with Industry Recruiters 
Last year BHP hosted a Mock Interview event where industry recruiters provided students a true interview experience with feedback sessions. Thank you to BHP for their commitment to support the Jackson School of Geosciences students. If students are interested in practicing interviewing you may schedule an appointment online with the Career Services Director on Career Connections.

BHP Mock Interview & Networking Lunch Agenda

Interviews begin at 9:30 am and go through 11:45

Lunch from noon-1:30 in JGB 2.104 A | Coffee Talk with Industry Professionals
A message from BHP recruiters: As a student, it can be hard to find a forum for getting advice on careers in the Oil and Gas industry in an informal setting. Our intention for this talk is to provide that space to students for open and honest dialogue with feedback from early career technical professionals. Please join us with your questions about what the industry is really like and what kind of advice you want to hear!

Interviews resume at 1:30 until 3:45

Surveys and feedback forms

Who is BHP?

BHP is a world-leading resources company. We extract and process minerals and oil and gas, and our products are sold worldwide. Our global headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia. Our Petroleum unit is headquartered in Houston, Texas and includes exploration, development and production activities. We have a high-quality petroleum resource base concentrated in the United States and Australia. Our core production operations consist of conventional assets located in the US Gulf of Mexico, Australia and Trinidad and Tobago.

We believe that in addition to operating a responsible and ethical business, we can make a broader contribution to the communities, regions and nations in which we operate, thereby strengthening society. By strengthening and building more resilient societies, we are helping create a sustainable future. One of our continuing contribution areas is geoscience student engagement, to support student broadening and growth, and recruiting where possible. We are currently divesting our unconventional assets and are not hiring interns and graduates at this time, however our student engagement continues and with future growth we will return to Petroleum recruiting.
Attending workshops to practice your professional skills will get you geared up for the fall recruiting season. Have your resume reviewed, prepare your elevator speech, improve your handshake and have a solid answer for “tell me about yourself.”

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