News Archive

–January, 2013.  Two JSG undergraduate honors students, Emily Gentry and Taylor Canada, join the Behr Research Group.

–December, 2013.  Dr. Behr, Ph.D. student Peter Gold, and undergraduate honors student Aaron Salin conduct field work in the Coachella Valley of southern California.

Aaron and Peter hiking in the Indio Hills

Bedding-parallel shear surfaces

Shallow surface fault gouge along the Mission Creek strand of the southern San Andreas










–August, 2013. New paper just out in Journal of Structural Geology entitled: ‘Rheological evolution of a Mediterranean subduction complex’ by Whitney Behr and John Platt.  Download it here.

–August 2013.  New Ph.D. student Rachel Bernard joins the Behr Research Group.

–May 2013.  Dr. Behr and M.S. student Kory Kirchner spend 2.5 weeks doing field work in southern Spain.  Check out Kory’s blog for photos.

–March 2013.  Dr. Behr takes the Microstructure and Rock Rheology students to southern California for spring break.  See photos below.