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Primary Research Activities

Research in my group focuses on the mechanics and kinematics of continental deformation at plate boundaries and spans a wide range of spatial and temporal scales.  We examine the geomorphic expression of young, active faults, and we also study older remnants of deep-seated ductile shear zones exhumed from greater depth within the lithosphere.  My students and I apply a wide range of field, structural, geochronological and analytical methods.  To find out more about some of our active projects, check out the research page.

If you’re a prospective graduate student, please feel free to check out the Student Opportunities page and don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Behr or anyone else in the Research Group if you have questions about the graduate program at UT Austin.

News & Events

March, 2014. New paper by Behr & Hirth just published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters. It's entitled: Rheological properties of the mantle lid beneath the Mojave region in southern California. Download it here!
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