Research in the BRG focuses on the rapidly deforming zones that define Earth’s tectonic plate boundaries and generate many of the planet’s geohazards. We are interested in the rates and directions in which faults and shear zones move; their geometries, widths and mechanical behaviors at depth; and the processes that shape them over geologic time.  To address these topics, we employ a range of tools and techniques that include field observations, analytical measurements, laboratory experiments, and numerical models. We frequently forge collaborations and synthesize datasets that cross disciplines, including structural geology, tectonic geomorphology, experimental rock mechanics, and geodynamics. To find out more about some of our active projects, check out our Research page. If you’re a prospective graduate student, please feel free to check out the Student Opportunities* page and don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Behr or anyone else in the BRG if you have questions about the graduate program at UT Austin.

BRG Mailing Address:  Dept. of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences, 2275 Speedway Stop C9000, Austin TX, 78712-1722

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* Professor Behr will not be taking on new students for Fall 2018, as the group is at max capacity.


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