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New Society Members Honored at Dinner

On March 29, 2012, the Jackson School of Geosciences inducted new members into two societies designed to honor major supporters. We thank them for their steadfast support.

The L.T. Barrow Founders Circle recognizes friends and alumni who have given cumulative gifts of $100,000 or more since the Jackson School was established in 2005.  Named after Leonidas T. and Laura T. Barrow, creators of the first endowment in the Geology Foundation in 1953, Barrow Circle members honor the legacy of these two guiding spirits of geoscience education at The University of Texas at Austin. This year’s inductees are:

Billy Cotner
Cala Ferrand and Albert Haertlein
Grace and Hugh Hay-Roe
Jacque and David S. “Scotty” Holland, Sr.
Kathy and Richard Leach
Patsy and David Lehman
Susan and Jack Mayfield
Madrienne Petitjean
Nancy and Don Sheffield

The Hill Society honors donors who have given $10,000 or more over their lifetime in support of the Jackson School.  This society is named after Robert T. Hill, the first professor and chair of the Department of Geology and a founding member of the UT Mineral Survey, which would later become the Bureau of Economic Geology. This year’s inductees are:

Kim Bates
Heather Wilson and John Echols
Claire and Joseph Greenberg
Grace and Hugh Hay-Roe
Katherine and Gary Hummel
Ada and Howard Kiatta
Walter Light, Jr.
Madrienne Petitjean
Katherine and Jeffrey Roberts
Marsha and Gregg Robertson
Lynn Salvador
Laura and Dan Smith
Terre and Richard Stoneburner
Mary Lou and Mark Wilson
Cindy Ybarra

Past Inductees – Barrow Founders Circle

Anonymous Judy and Frank Lee
Jan and Tom* Barrow Sara and David Martineau
Vada and Walt Boyle Alicia and David Martineau
Barbara and Philip Braithwaite Joy and Jerry McQueen
Ina Brundrett Carol and Jerry Pitts
Louise* and Decker Dawson Rita and Jimmie Russell
Sally and Ralph Duchin Russ Slayback
Judy and Jim Gibbs Allison and Bryan Wagner
Bill Gipson Kathy and Steve Weiner
Ann and Henry Hamman Cathy and Charles Williamson
Melinda and Jeff Hildebrand


Past Inductees – Hill Society

Anonymous Kathy and Richard Leach
Doris Allday Judy and Frank Lee
Ellen and Gene Ames Patsy and David Lehman
James Austin, Jr. Sandra Lindquist
Carol and Rod Baker Nancy and Allen Locklin
Louise Barnes Mary and Leon Long
Linda and Virgil Barnes Lillian and Howard Lowe
Jan and Tom* Barrow Judy and Ernie Lundelius
Annell Bay and Robert Suchecki Ann and Rolf Lundelius
Dunya McCammon Bean Linda and Mike Maler
Mary Poteet and Chris Bell Charles Mankin
Earl Bescher* Ada Marshall
Caroline and John Bookout, Jr. Mary and Sabin Marshall
Ann and John Bookout, III Sara and David Martineau
Judith and Douglas* Bostwick Alicia and David Martineau
Patricia Boyd Marian Maxwell
Vada and Walt Boyle Susan and Jack Mayfield
Barbara and Philip Braithwaite Kathleen and Barry McConachie
Ann and Doug Brown Joy and Jereld McQueen
Ina Brundrett Jane and Robert Middleton
Thais Freda Bullard* Marion and Harry* Miller
Jimmye and Ray Burke Martha and Herbert Mills
Tom Burke Lauree and Jim Bob Moffett
Robert Bybee* Ann and Ian Molineux
Sarah Bybee William and Deborah Monroe
Susan Cage Nancy and Roy Muehlberger
Corinne and Toby Carleton Sally* and Bill* Muehlberger
Penni* and Chuck Caughey Susan and Jerry Namy
Emma and Edward Cazier Ken Neavel
Carlotta Chernoff Carol and Ed Nelson
Betsy and Richard Chuchla Frances* and Fred Oliver
John Clinch Cynthia and Judd* Oualline
Carolyn and Steve Compton Woody Pace
Billy Cotner Marjorie* and Jim Patterson
Carol and Weyman Crawford Eleanor and Scott Petty
Pamela and Barnes Darwin Terry and Elliott Pew
Louise* and Decker Dawson Mary Anne and Bob Pickens
Marion Wier DeFord Elizabeth and Greg Pipkin
Charles DeLancey Carol and Jerry Pitts
Mary and Bill DeMis Nancy and David Pustka
Caroline and Tim Denison Stacey and Andrew Quarles
Mary Anne and Bill Dingus Janet and David Rainey
Sally and Ralph Duchin Cambria and Brian Reinsborough
Anne and Charles Duncan Moonyean and William* Reynolds
Connie and Byron Dyer Diana and Kenneth Ritmire
Karen and Paul Erickson Mary and Hugh Rose
Anne and Tom Fanning Tim Rowe
Carol and Jim Farnsworth Rita and Jimmie Russell
Marilee and Bill Fisher Nancy and Don Sheffield
Priscilla and Peter Flawn Russ Slayback
Cherie and James Flores Brian Smyth and Rebecca Marvil
Beatrice and Jesse Fowler Fifi and Bill* Stokes, Jr.
Jim Frasher Celika Storm
Rebecca and Jean Paul Gestel Juanita and Michael Strickler
Judy and Jim Gibbs Dorothy Carsey Sumner
Fred Gibson Mark Swann
Paula and Gerry Gilbert Cheri and Thomas Tanton
Bill Gipson Allyson and Scott Tinker
Rusty Goetz Debra Sue and Brian Trinque
Liz Gordon Evelyn* and John* Tuohy
Nora and Charles Gray Margie and Andy Udden
Marianne and Will Green Glenn* and Martha* Vargas
Robbie Gries Zoe and Harry Vest
Cheryl and Paul Gucwa Allison and Bryan Wagner
Cala Ferrand and Albert Haertlein Suzanne and Virgil Walston
Jo Ann and Karl Hagemeier Paula and Rusty Walter
Ann and Henry Hamman Debbie and John Watson
Linette and George Harwell Anita and Charles Weiner
Melinda and Jeff Hildebrand Kathy and Steve Weiner
Carolyn and Bill Holland Bonnie Weise
Jacque and David S. “Scotty” Holland, Sr. Dianne and Les White
Sandra and Richard Hoover Mike Wiley*
Terry Huffington and Ralph Dittman Mary and Addison Wilkinson
Mary Johns and Eric Beam Cathy and Charles Williamson
Brenda and Jonny Jones Ruth and John* Wilson
Elizabeth Walter Keeney Vereen and Madison Woodward
Bill Klett John Wright
Christa and Glenn Klimchuk Mary Anne and Phillip* Wyche
Virginia and George Laguros Pinar Yilmaz
Marietta and Wann Langston Edith and Robert Zinn
Rosa and Tom Layman
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